How To Keep Your Ceilings Clean & Debris-Free?


So, what gives your office a professional impression? Of course, a fresh-smelling ambience, clean carpets and a clutter-free environment are proof that your office is clean. However, are they the only things that assure cleanliness? No, there is one area that often gets forgotten or missed out in your cleaning schedule – Your office ceiling. Like walls, your office ceiling accumulates dust, cobweb, dirt and sometimes even stains. You may be focusing on other cleaning work and probably never thought about how your ceilings look. But, poorly kept ceilings are an indicator of an unclean office. While hiring office cleaning Gold Coast services, make sure to tell the commercial cleaners to include your ceiling in the cleaning schedule.

How To Keep Your Ceilings Clean & Debris-Free?

Why Ceiling Cleanliness Is Crucial For Your Office?

Cleaning your ceiling is as essential as cleaning the floors, carpets, bathroom, cafeteria & this cleaning should be done regularly.

Clears Stuffy Atmosphere

When you neglect the ceiling cleaning, cobwebs will take up the space of your beautiful ceiling and can offer a spooky look. Also, it spreads dust and debris, making your indoor atmosphere stuffy & dusty. When it is overlooked or not maintained properly, they start collecting dust particles, increasing the potential of making your ceilings dirtier.

Prevents Potential Hazards

As your building’s HVAC system, wires, structural elements run through ceilings, it is a must to keep the ceilings clean and tidy to curb potential fire hazards. Dirt & stains on them can make your office look unappealing & unprofessional. By keeping them clean, your ceiling will last longer & provide a good impression among the visitors & guests.

Creates A Healthy Impression

Often people have the habit of noticing corners and ceilings when they enter a home, office or restaurant, so make sure to keep your ceilings in neat and clean condition. Also, keep an eye on your ventilation system & air ducts, a clean and well-kept ventilation system contributes to the overall health of employees & offers a good impression about the overall cleanliness of your office.

If you value cleanliness just like your productivity, hire office cleaners from Commercial Clean Gold Coast. For bookings, call us on 1300 799 350 today.

Types Of Office Smells You Should Fix – Find Out!

6 office cleaning mistakes

A good smelling office has a profound impact on your brand’s reputation & it stays forever in your heart. So, how does your office smell? Not sure? Gross? Heavy chemicals? Whatever it is, make sure your office gives out good vibes. From house to the office, every nook & corner gives us smells & we get used to them. So, when it comes to office, you must inquire that the commercial cleaning provider you hired uses good-smelling fragrances to clean the office surface. From kitchen to bathrooms, sinks and cafeteria, each should be cleaned, sanitised properly and ensure that nothing is left untreated. And If it smells good, it’s not a problem, but when it’s unpleasant, it needs your attention. Let’s check what makes your office smell bad & what you can do about it.


Cafeteria is the breeding spot of germs, bacteria and musty smell. Whether it’s the sticky mess in the microwave or overflowing bins, uncleaned food particles, abandoned food items in the fridge may cause long-lingering odour in the kitchen & cafeteria. These may trigger allergies and can make people ill. So while hiring office cleaning Gold Coast services, make sure to address these issues efficiently.

Kitchen Sinks

Your office kitchen sinks are also the reason behind a filthy smell is that all sorts of things get chucked there. From teabags to food remains oil, dirt and soap residue all mix and form an unpleasant smell. So, ask your office cleaners to clean the sinks deeply & ensure it is mess-free. Once it is stagnant-free, you’ll notice a difference.


If the smell comes from below, it might be the dirty carpets. When your carpets produce a musty or mould smell, it’s time to hire carpet cleaners to clean up the carpets to relieve the office from being stuffy indoors and smell. Once the carpets are cleaned by commercial cleaners Gold Coast, your office will have a refreshing atmosphere.

Things like overflowing bins, toilets, undusted upholstery, closed server rooms can also lead to smells that are unpleasant & demand cleaning too. So while hiring commercial cleaning services, add these areas to the cleaning checklist with sanitisation services.

If you’re planning to hire commercial cleaning services, hire Commercial Clean Gold Coast on 1300 799 350.

Is It Time to Clean Your Office?

Clean office

More than staying in a house, you tend to spend more hours in the office. This means you should be worried about the cleanliness of the office space. An uncleaned office can cause a negative impression, health risks, low productivity among other examples. Here, in this article, we highlight the importance of cleaning your office.


Maintain Your Reputation

If you are concerned about your business, it is essential to maintain a office cleaning to enthrall your guest and clients. The impressions you are creating on them can go a long way. Imagine your client walking inside and your office is a mess, you are pushed to the zone of discomfort. It’s a hindrance to your business endeavors. An uncleaned office is likely to affect your brand reputation. So it is crucial to have a healthy and inviting ambiance.

2) Health Risks

If you are spending more time in the office than at your home, ensure your space is clean to the maximum. It is unhygienic to stay in a desk having dust, cobwebs, and spilled coffee or tea stains. It could cause all sorts of respiratory problems.

3) Declutter the Space

Even if you are too busy to care about your unused files and paperwork, it is good to have them organized in a drawer or you can keep it in a corner. Mostly disorganised space can induce stress and affects productivity. If you arrange them in folders and keep them in an appropriate place, your brain will become active with an orderly set up.

4) Hire the Pro

Hiring a pro cleaning service will do the best in no time with their exceptional commercial cleaning techniques. A clean office can impress your business partners, help your employees to work efficiently, and provide a healthy ambience for everyone.

Are you looking for a budget-friendly and reliable cleaning service? Contact Commercial Clean Gold Coast today.


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1. Steam clean your microwave
If you have a lot of stuck on food in your microwave, don’t worry. Just put a bowl of boiling water in there and shut the door. Leave it for 10 minutes and the stuck-on food will wipe away easily with a cloth.

2. Tackle mildew with vodka!
No, we haven’t been at sauce again! Fill a spray bottle with vodka and mix in the same amount of water. Spray it over the mildew in your bathroom and leave for 10 minutes. Then, wipe away. This works because of the alcohol so other adult beverages will work too, but save your nice vodka for once the bathroom is sparkling clean!

3. Freshening your carpets and upholstery with bicarbonate of soda
Bicarbonate of soda is a must-have in your cleaning arsenal. It can be used for so much. However, it is amazing at picking up odours and getting rid of them, so it’s perfect for freshening up your sofa, carpet and any other soft furnishings. This also works on your mattress and smelly trainers too!

4. Use lemon and salt to clean your shower door
Have a glass shower door? You’ll know that soap scum can leave it looking a bit sad. Cut a lemon in half and dunk it in salt. Then scrub all of the soap scum away. This will also work on wooden chopping boards too!

5. The vinegar and showerhead trick
Fill a sandwich bag with vinegar (any small water-tight bag will work) put it over your shower head and fix it in place with elastic bands. Leave it to soak overnight, your shower head will be spotless.

6. Use wax paper on your taps
Clean your sink as normal and then when all the grime is taken care of, use wax paper to polish your taps, it works a treat and is very quick too.

7. Shaving cream gets rid of stains on your sofa
This only works with shaving cream and not gel and should be tried on a small, inconspicuous area first. Just apply some shaving cream to a stain, leave it for 30 minutes and then blot dry. This works on any soft furnishing too.

8. Use microfibre cloths for dusting
Dust love static and microfibre cloths love things that love static. So, simply wipe away your dust with microfibre cloths. This works great on skirting boards but works well on any dusty area. If you use the microfibre cloth slightly damp, it will tackle any stains too.

9. Don’t use sprays on your TV
Use a dry microfibre cloth to clean your TV. That will get rid of dust. If you have a stain on your TV, just wet the cloth, and it will remove it in a few passes.

10. Clean your windows with newspaper
For streak-free windows, you can use an old newspaper. Your usual glass cleaner is fine, but instead of cloth, use a newspaper for a streak-free and lint-free shine!

We hope these cleaning tips have helped you save some time cleaning your home. We hope you have some fun cleaning your home now too. If you want to find out more about our cleaning services in Gold Coast, please explore our website further!

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Cleaning Company in Gold Coast?

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In order to improve work efficiency , it is essential to to keep your working environment clean and tidy.  This is why it’s essential to employ a local cleaning service for professional office cleaning services.

1. More time for leisure :

Who doesn’t want more time on their hands? Cleaning is a time-consuming task that might take hours to do properly. With work and other responsibilities taking up most of your week, you want to spend your remaining time on pleasant things – and cleaning isn’t one of them for most of us.

Worse, cleaning may be a high-intensity activity, requiring us to use the majority of our energy scouring and washing the nooks and crannies of our home. At this point, we may discover that, despite spending all of that time cleaning, the joy of a clean home is offset by the weariness of cleaning. Hiring a professional cleaning company will definitely help you to spare some time for your leisure activities.

2. A customized cleaning strategy :

One of the major reasons why you should hire a professional cleaning company in Gold Coast is that they always follow a customized cleaning strategy.

A professional cleaning company like Klean Keepers offers customized cleaning strategies to meet your specific requirements. Before you clean, we consider your specific scenario and trouble areas throughout the house, and we try to make these a thing of the past. Our expert cleaners are skilled in a wide range of cleaning operations and are ideally suited to take on those time-consuming jobs.

3. A richness of knowledge :

Most of us will come into shambles from time to time that we are unsure how to handle. If you’ve never dealt with limescale on your taps, spilt wine on your carpet, or dirt on your windows, they may all look intimidating. This is when a cleaning house may come in handy. Experienced cleaners have seen it all and would be well prepared to cope with a variety of circumstances that may appear frightening to you.

4. Confidence and ease of mind :

A dependable household cleaning service does not necessitate your presence at home.

After all, what is the point of having more free time if you have to stay and supervise your cleaner while they work? Using a dependable domestic cleaning service will give you the confidence to leave your house, go about your day, and return to a spotless home. Consider it similar to hotel room service.

7. You can host more nights at home :

Most individuals are hesitant to host additional nights with friends for two reasons. One of them is a lack of a clean enough house to entertain people in, and another is apprehension about the effort required to clean up after our visitors depart.

In any event, there is one thing in common in each of these situations, and that has to do with cleaning our homes — or not wanting to. But this does not have to be the case! Hiring a regular domestic cleaning service may guarantee that your house is clean throughout the week, allowing you to spend more time with people who matter. View our range of cleaning services in Gold Coast including commercial cleaning, office cleaning, industrial and strata cleaning.

Checklist for End of Tenancy Cleaning

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A property should always remain spotless for new tenants. It must get cleaned from top to bottom, but there are a few critical “pain areas” that you should focus on. Here is a checklist of the most critical emphasis areas to assist you in doing an excellent end-of-tenancy cleaning.

  • Gathering the supplies: You’ll surely need specialized cleaning supplies, such as proprietary cleaning solutions, an upholstery shampoo, towels and rags, scourers, and spray bottles.
  • Walls: Examining the walls for scuff marks. These may be able to be wiped out, or portions of the wall may need to be repainted
  • Doors: Checking if all the doors, including the knobs, are clean, also making sure that the locks are in good working order.
  • Windows: Inside and exterior, windows should be cleaned. For outside windows, you may need to hire a professional window cleaner.
  • Ceilings: Cleaning the ceilings may necessitate the use of an extended broom. Keep an eye out for cobwebs in room corners.
  • Fixtures and fittings: Dust and polish any light fixtures and sockets, and ensure sure the upholstery is stain-free.
  • Carpets: For dirty carpets, you might think about renting a  machine. These are widely accessible in supermarkets and cost about £20 each day.
  • Room by Room: After the remainder of the checklist is completed. It’s time to focus on the pain areas in particular rooms.